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Rudi Kjeldsen


Rudi joined Langebæk in 2015. Rudi’s area of expertise is supply chain and production optimization. During the last 15 years Rudi has work across different industries such as Medico, Retail and different types of product manufacturing industries.

As a senior consultant with Langebæk, Rudi’s obligation is to ensure that all aspects of the customer interaction. As part of the project execution involving the customer in the process is a key component to meet the project objectives but also understanding the needs and requirements from all participating parties and stakeholders.  

Rudi's educational background is a Bachelor of Science in Production Engineering. In addition to his bachelor’s degree Rudi has been a Certified Project Manager with PMI since 2009.

Currently, Rudi is completing an Executive MBA with AVT, Copenhagen.



Supply Chain Management

  • Process optimization
  • Production optimization
  • Performance management and KPI development
  • Production planning and forecast
  • Inventory layout design and optimization
  • Material handling and ergonomic

Project Management

  • Complex projects
  • Planning and execution
  • Coordination & follow-up
  • Innovative Problem Solving


Contact information:


Mobile: +45 3131 8176