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Lars Dam Kristensen

Director, Finance & Administration

Lars joined Langebæk in 2008, and has worked with optimization, warehouse design, logistics and distribution for more than 10 years. Lars has advised more than 30 Nordic companies on the most effective logistics setup. As Senior Consultant, Lars acts as project owner and project manager of activities in analysis, development and solutions. Lars is part of the Langebæk management team as Executive Assistant.


Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

  • Warehouse layout and design
  • Warehouse automation
  • Lean warehousing and administration
  • Value chain design
  • Strategic supplier categorizing and selection
  • Big data analysis

Project management

  • Planning and execution
  • Coordination and QA
  • Internal support and PO activities


Contact information:

E-mail: ldk@langebaek.com

Mobile: +45 2947 1754