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Johan Rösler

Associate Consultant

A highly experienced and accomplished logistics professional, Johan joined Langebæk in Sweden, in the fall of 2018. Growing up in Västerås with a traditional small-town, working class background, instilled in him the quintessential Scandinavian character traits of independent mindedness, industriousness and a strong sense of community. Graduating from Gymnasium (upper secondary) he fell into a career in logistics via "the longest summer job anyone ever had", when he began working for ICA, one of Sweden's leading retailers, as a picker in a local warehouse. He would end up staying for almost 27 years, choosing to forego university in order to pursue on-the-job-learning and several inhouse training programmes. Besides, working for an organisation such as ICA presented him with new opportunities for both personal and professional development on a continual basis. An engaged team player with a burning curiosity for improvements, he would quickly advance from the local to regional operations and joined the national logistics unit in 1999, where he was responsible for several high-profile project and would become an integral figure in the professionalisation of logistics within ICA. As such, his focus shifted from the more technical areas of the logistics discipline towards management, in particular the areas of process development, change management and employee engagement. Moving to a consulting role was a natural next step and, as so often before, he seized the opportunity when it arose.

Contact information:
+46 70 582 9804