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Jeppe Petersen

Consultant, B.Sc.

Ingenuity is probably the quality that best describes Jeppe Petersen. A characteristically unassuming Jute from the industrious city of Esbjerg, he certainly appears to be both inventive and resourceful. Driven by his interest in innovation and optimisation as well as a loathing of wastefulness, he chose to pursue a technical and commercial path early on. It was during his time at HTX that he and a team of his fellow students first envisioned and began development of an app-based business to counter household food waste. Inspired by insights gleaned from his part-time job at the supermarket chain Fakta, the team would go on to receive the Young Enterprise Award from Ernst & Young. Emboldened by the experience, Jeppe went on to successfully found an internet-based start-up just days after reaching the legal age of 18. It was perhaps inevitable, then, that Jeppe would go on to pursue a career in engineering. While completing a B.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering at DTU, he joined Langebæk in 2017 to do a five-month internship as part of the undergraduate programme. In 2018 he was taken on full-time as a Consultant.

Contact information:
+45 2632 3105