Anders Bartholin

Managing Consultant

Anders has been working with SCM for more than 20 years and has since 2013 been a part of the Langebæk team and advised more several Nordic enterprises in the most efficient logistical setup. As Senior Project Manager in Langebæk, Anders acts as both project owner and project manager for analysis, development and solutions activities. Anders is also a part of the management team in Langebæk.


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory design and optimization
  • Network design and optimization
  • Automation
  • Logistic IT and processes
  • Change management

Project Management

  • Complex projects
  • Planning and execution
  • Coordination & follow-up

Innovative Problem Solving

  • Innovative approach
  • Problem solver
  • Change oriented


  • Strategic negotiation
  • Transport and contract negotiation



Mobile: +45 2035 4070