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Niels Pagh

Senior Consultant, B.Sc., MBA

Niels joined Langebæk at the beginning of 2019. An accomplished supply chain professional he brings to the table a wealth of both specialist and management experience having spent nearly 25 years in the retail industry, working for leading companies in Toys and Sporting Goods segments.

Having grown up in the 1970's pre-suburban northern Zealand, he chose a commercial route, electing to attend Business College and later the highly estimated Helsingore Polytechnic (Helsingør Teknikum) from which he would earn his degree in Industrial Engineering alongside Langebæk Partner, Anders Bartholin.

Newly graduated, he was taken on by TOP-TOY, a well-established family-owned business, right at the beginning of growth spurt, which, it turned out, would last two decades years. In 19 years at the company, where he began as a Logistics Engineer with a brief to build to a new corporate Distribution Centre, he would work with every aspect of the supply chain, eventually becoming Group Supply Chain Director in 2005. Recognising that the requirements of senior management demanded a broader set of competences, he completed an executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School, while leading one of the largest retail logistics operations in Denmark. After 10 years in the position, he chose to accept a new challenge, becoming Supply Chain Director of Sportmaster, a position he held until 2017.

As should be clear, Niels doesn't do anything by halves. Industriousness and diligence, along with decency and probity are values that define not just his professional life. After leaving Sportmaster, he took time off to properly reflect on what he wanted to do next. It was during this hiatus that he walked the pilgrim route Camino de Santiago and decided to reach out to Langebæk to explore the possibility of joining the company. We're pleased he did.


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Mobile: +45 2490 8301