Kim von Irgens-Bergh

Brand Manager, BTEC HND, HD-A

A multifaceted marketer, Kim has worked in marketing and advertising for a quarter of a century, initially as a creative, but as his career progressed, increasingly in strategic and management roles. As copywriter, strategic planner, communication manager, account director, and managing partner, he has worked for brands such as Berlingske, Carlsberg, Danske Bank, Dell, Egmont, LEGO, Maersk Group, Siemens, and TDC. As marketing consultant, Kim has worked with Langebæk for more than a decade, during which time he has been instrumental in building our brand. He joined Langebæk full-time in 2017, assuming responsibility for all things marketing and bringing his considerable experience to bear on the continued development of the business. 

Contact information:
+45 2911 1122