When Claus joined Langebæk in 2018 it was the culmination of a rather lengthy interview process which began in 1994. In the intervening years we followed his career closely and had numerous conversations with him. Unfortunately, the timing was never quite right - until now. As Senior Consultant, Claus draws on degrees in both Manufacturing Engineering and Business Administration specialising in Logistics, more than 25 years of strategic and operational experience working in and with the supply chain, as well as his particular areas of expertise in Information, Flows, and Processes. Much of the experience comes from the Pharmaceutical industry, in which he has held key roles such as Logistics Officer as Boehringer Ingelheim and Logistics & Business Developer at Nomeco. Driven by a curiosity to understand how things work and to improve on them like many engineers, his pragmatic approach to the dealing with the challenges he is asked to weigh in on, makes him a natural fit for Langebæk and a valued participant on any project.

Contact information:
+45 5062 2791