Arne Østergaard

Associate Senior Consultant

With his disarming warmth and wit, Arne doesn't exactly strike anyone as a prototypical business consultant. But make no mistake, after 35 years in supply chain consulting, including 15 at senior management level, Arne is an internationally recognised expert in supply chain planning and optimisation. Back in the day, he graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), writing his dissertation on behalf of Statoil, focusing on route planning for the oil supply ships critical for thousands of small communities in the many fjords along the 2000-miles-long Norwegian coastline. And this at a time when programming was done using punch cards.

A few years later this would land him a job at Peter Mathiesen A/S, undoubtedly the most influential logistics consultancy in Denmark at the time. It was during this period he first began collaborating with Langebæk, often on technical projects. Arne quickly rose through the ranks at Peter Mathiesen, his most lasting legacy probably being the first digitalisation of local area maps of Denmark, which completely transformed route planning, bringing the entire discipline into the information age. Arne continued to rise after the company was acquired and merged into PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Over the next 15 years, Arne took on Partnership roles in smaller, specialist consultancies before deciding to continue as a wholly independent consultant. It was in this capacity, while working on a project for Odense University Hospital that Arne and Langebæk would cross paths again, and eventually decided to formalise a relationship 30 years in the making. In 2017, Arne became our very first Associate Senior Consultant.

Contact information:
+45 2257 3090